Reinaldo Lopez

I Love challenges and challenging others in business as well. Over the last 20+ years I changed myself since I could not change others. I learned a lot of valuable lessons after losing a well paying job, a house foreclosed, ended in divorce and working multiple jobs to stay a float I always believe that the universe will give you what energy you put out.

I started working a permanently at a government emlpoyment with many opportunities which I took advantage of to finish my career as an engineer while continuing to learn about blogging and marketing strategies that has help me create a home business working part time. 

Now I run this blog as a means of communication with people interested in marketing, blogging, seo, article marketing, advertising online, lessons learned or business strategies we have picked up over the years.

This is when I realized how important marketing was to doing any kind of business whether online or off-line. So I went to work. learn, do some trial and error plus even do a live marketing campaign blog post where I would update everry two days.

You can read it here:  How To Use Website Data To Increase Website Traffic & Conversion

I have built a business from the ground up and discvered that the foundation is one of the most important parts of any bsueinsss, You and Business Infrastructure! Now I enjoy cycling and blogging with some juicy content for people in the same space. I am known for giving out valueable content that others can use in their business.

After serving in the US Army for 12 years participating in the first Gulf War, Becoming a Sales & Finance Manager for 6 years, Becoming a building engineer after 16 years governement employment I took on building a blog for the last 9 years and have accomplished being in the top 10 % in each task ecept one that I am working on riight now - My Blog!

Now that I am retired and have some time before we get to work on our biggest project yet and I feel that 2018 will be a great year and will be able to focus on helping more people with their own business..

When he isn’t glued to a computer screen, he spends time working in the garden, cuycling, and trying very hard not be the worst pool player in the room

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